Monday, November 9, 2015

Installation of Servers

In exam 98-365; you will learn all about the server configuration and the clean installation techniques. If you want to have a good career in the IT world; you need to make sure that you pass the entry level MTA exam of windows OS fundamentals. MTA exam can help you to make sure that you land a good job in the information technology world. The servers are an important part of the networking system and a good technician should have proper knowledge of the servers. Installation of windows server can help you in many ways but you need to install the windows server in the right way for to function properly.

Steps to Ensure Before Installing the Windows:

The system requirement should be kept in mind when installing the new version of windows server 2008. You should see the minimum requirements of the server to see that whether the server will run smoothly on the system or not. If you system configuration matches the minimum requirement; then you should install the server and if it does not match the minimum requirement; then you should plan to upgrade your system. For the Windows server 2008 R2; you should at least have dual core processors and 2 GB of memory. Apart from this; you should at least have 64 GB of free space.

How to Install the Windows Server 2008 R2:

This is the step by step guide on installing the server r2 in the computer. You should know how to correctly install the servers; if you plan to pass the exam 98-365.

1-      Open the DVD drive and insert the Windows Server 2008 R2.
2-      Start the boot service after rebooting the computer
3-      After the installation process start; choose the installation language and press Next
4-      After choosing the installation language; press Install now.
5-      After that you should add the product ID in the next window. If you wish to automatically activate the server; you can also choose the appropriate option and then press next. However; if you do not have the appropriate key; you should leave the blank.
6-      Select the right edition from the menu and click the next button
7-      Read the terms and conditions of the server and select the check box option and then click next
8-      After that you will be given the option of which type of installation you want. Choose the correct option when this appears and then click next
9-      After that the server will automatically reboot and you will be taken to the login screen of the server. You should press ctrl+alt+del to log in. choose the other use options and press enter.
10-   After that you will be given the option of user password.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Checking Performance of Server

We can easily calculate the performance of a system by looking at their specifications and the data stored in the system. Windows 7 is one of the complex systems in the world and it is used in millions of computers all over the world. Due to this; there is a huge demand for their technicians and this is one of the best field in the world. If you are a student and are confused about your future; then you should consider pursuing a certification in the information technology sector. There are many certifications that can help you but you should start with the entry level certification also known as MTA. In MTA you will have to clear many exams and the most important one is MTAwindows server administration fundamentals.

Evaluating the Performance of Windows Server:
Computer is a mixture of different components and all the components have their specific usage. The performance of every component is very important and when the performance of a components reaches its limit; the component is termed as bottleneck. A bottleneck component can cause other bottlenecks in the system. Let’s assume that the memory system of the computer has reached its limit and now it will be termed as bottleneck. You will increase the memory of the computer and it will increase the overall performance of the system. When the RAM of the computer is increased; more data will be added in the computer not now the hard disk will become the bottleneck component. After adding RAM; the overall performance of the system will increase but you will look at the possibility of another bottleneck.

There are many performance problems that cannot be identified easily. For identify the performance of the computer; you need to run the computer normally and after that in the designed specifications. When running in the design specification mode; when the problem occurs you will compare it with the baseline and see the difference in the system. The performance of the system regularly changes and it is recommended that you set the change the baseline of the server accordingly. When the proper baseline is set; you will know when to upgrade or change your server.

Tools to Analyze Performance:
To evaluate the performance of the computer and the server; there are many tools. The information regarding the tools is given below.

Task Manager:
Task manager is the coolest program to check the performance of the system and you can also use this to evaluate the performance of the Windows Server 2009 R2. When you run the performance monitor of the windows server; you will see five tabs.

Applications: this tab will show the status of the running applications and will provide you the data and information of all the programs that have stopped working. With the help of task manager; you can end the program or start a new one.

Processes: Show all the processes
Services: Current services of the computer will be shown in this tab
Performance: the data related to physical memory and CPU use
Networking: The connected devices 

Monday, November 2, 2015

How to use Pinterest for your Business?

What are the best ways by which you can use Pinterest to improve your business performance?

Show the features of the products

It is true that the products or the services you are selling to the people contain too many features. It might be possible that people don’t like your products. So it is important that you should promote the features of your products and all its affiliations.

What should be done to be real?

In order to give a real look and picture to your consumers, you should upload the image of your picture to the pins. If the people like your concept, they will surly like your pictures and pins.

Pin the Pictures for the People Not For You

1.       Try to pin the features of the products
2.       Inspire all the pinners who pin continuously
3.       Try to follow all the pinners that are similar to yours
4.       Try to turn your followers in your real time customer.


Derive interest of people and get customers
If you are an attractive pinner then people will ultimately follow you. With the hard work and showing the features of the product, you can get customers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Be an expert in Windows Operating System

With the passage of time everything around us is becoming digital which means that they need computers and without them they are useless. Information technology is also making advancement each day and to deal with present world and with the future one need to know about the computers and information technology. Computers and other digital devices need an operating system for working which means that you have to get the basic understanding of the operating system that how they work and how you can control them. For this purpose window operating system fundamentals is the best knowledge or course you can have. This will not only enhance your technical skills but also make you an expert in windows operating system fundamentals.

This course basically compromise of some basic knowledge and understanding which will help you in getting all the information you need to know about the operating systems. By following the course outline you will cover the following topics which mainly include operating system configuration, installing and updating client systems, managing applications, managing files and folders, managing devices and operating system maintenance. First of all in the operating system configuration you will learn the basics of the operating system like how customize your settings by using control panel, administrative tools, desktop settings, accessibility options, profiles, gadgets, display settings, the snipping tool, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Sync Center and Windows Mobility Center. Now moving towards the next step, you will learn how to install and update an operating system but for this you will first have to identify the windows operating system edition and the system requirements. In case of up gradation, identify the upgrade paths and then application compatibility. In this process you will also learn about the different installation types and also about the virtualized clients. Without proper management nothing can work effectively that is why it is important to manage application, devices, files and folders of an operating system. In managing files and folders you will have to understand file and print sharing techniques, different types of file systems, encryption and libraries. When it comes to devices make sure that you have understood storage devices, printing devices, system devices and how to connect them and operate them using different operating systems. At the last comes the maintenance of the operating system. In this section you will have to understand all the backup and recovery methods, maintenance tools and updates. With the help of Windows OperatingSystem Fundamentals you can not only enhance your knowledge but can also excel in your professional career. 

Understanding the basics of the windows operating system can help you in different ways and can help you to land a good career in the field of information technology. Windows operating system is the largest operating system in the world because it is easy to use and has plenty of useful and innovative features. Passing the MTA exam can be your first step in the cool world of operating system and you can move your way to the top; if you work hard in this area.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introduction to Database fundamentals

 Most of us encounter several activities in our daily life which involves database systems. In the contemporary world, database has become an important part of our lives. In the past few years database has introduced many new ideas in respective field of information technology. Database is used to extract or analyze useful information from large databases. Database systems are used in all fields of life where computer is involved whether in business, medicine, law or engineering and commerce. Most of the information stored in database systems are either numeric or in the form of text, the data which fulfills this criteria is called traditional databases.

Database systems provides an organized way of managing and storing data. They store their data in tables and set them according to the requirements. Tables of a database systems are not different from excel tables because they contains columns and rows just like excel. Tables of database systems are more dominant than spreadsheets because they allow to manipulate data in the tables to facilitate its users. Users can update their records in tables in the form of bulks. Database systems are used in every field because they allow to access cross – reference records in different tables of a single database. You can perform complicated calculations in the database systems. Information in the form of data which is entered into the database table from multiple tables of a database by creating relationships of foreign keys of these tables.

In Database fundamentals Access databases accepts excess spreadsheets if they bears tons of data within them. The user should be well aware of all criterion and formats of access files. The terms database systems, database server, database and database management systems are often use for the same purpose.

Data can be stored in various forms like tabular, hierarchical and graphical forms. Relational database stores information in the form of tables and the information which is present in the form of graphs which gives information about relationships of different objects is called network database.

 A database administrator should be capable of following tasks:

  • A database administrator is responsible for fulfilling the needs and demands of a user, so that they can access through the database easily.
  • All data should be secured properly and the protection of the data should be ensured by the administrator.

  • In this era of technology database systems are rising day by day, the user should be expert in all new technologies related to database systems.

  • Database fundamentals covers developing, managing and testing of all data.

  • The developer should be skilful in soft wares related to database systems lie queries of SQL and Oracle.

  • Database fundamentals include monitoring and debugging of the database servers.
  • Monday, September 21, 2015

    Tips for passing Microsoft technology Associate exam 98 – 364

    Microsoft is one of the leading and influential producers of personal computers and software. The company focuses on the implementation of innovative applications in its products. Developers of the company are intended to provide best features to the consumers of Microsoft. Microsoft has the best developers of the world. For this purpose the company also conducts different exams to give people an advantage to take their careers from zero to its peak. Exam 98 – 364 is all about database administration fundamentals. In this artefact student will be given some course outline and tips for the preparation of Microsoft technology association exam. Microsoft certificates increases confidence level of students by increasing their knowledge about database systems.

    These exams are known for being difficult but if the user wish to take a chance there are some suggestions to pass them and score more than average. An applicant is advised to follow these guidelines for the purpose of preparation:

    Explore internet for valuable source of information of exam 98 – 364. There are 122 questions which covers following points with the weightage of questions:
    1. Understanding fundamental database conceptions: this section has a total number of 29 questions.
    2. Building database objects: the exam includes 28 questions regarding creation of database. It contains basic infrastructure of database.
    3. Operating and manipulating data: this segment covers the maximum part of the paper. Questions concerning working and handling of database systems are asked from students. The applicant should have strong grip on operations of database systems.
    4. Understanding data storage: 21 questions relevant to the storage system of database systems are present in exam 98 – 364.
    5. Directing a database system: a database administrator should be aware of all the activities running in a database system. The applicant should be expert in putting all information in the right directions to get the required data. 13 questions will be present in this section.
    Microsoft helps the students in the preparation of these exams by providing them practice tests which includes questions, solved papers, descriptions and reference resources. Students are advised to go through these sample papers thoroughly and focus on preparation. Class room training and e books are also available for students preparing for this examination.

    This certificate authenticates the expertise of a developer in the field of database administration fundamentals. It will allow you to increase your skills and lets you share your knowledge with noble administrators. The main advantage of these certificates is that it connects the student to the skilled and professional IT specialist during their learning stages. Acquire knowledge from consultants, authors of database fundamentals and passionate leaders of database administration fundamentals for the preparation of exam 98 – 364.

    Sunday, September 20, 2015

    Guideline for the candidates of Exam 98 – 366

    Exam 98–366 is related to networking fundamentals. It is conducted for the students of information technology and open numerous opportunities for students. It validates the expertise of a student in the field of networking and technology. A network arises of series of points interconnected with each other in order to practice communication among them. It allows the connected devices to exchange data and information among them. For the preparation of exam 98 – 366, student can get information through class room trainings, learning and with the help of different books. Students in secondary education and higher education are eligible for this examination.

    This exam measures the ability to accomplish various networking tasks given below:

    Network Infrastructure:

    A complete command in network infrastructures. The applicant should be aware of internet, intranet and extranet. He/she should be aware of virtual private network (VPN) and firewalls which controls the incoming and outgoing traffic of information. The knowledge of security zones is also important so the applicant would be able to configure sensitive levels of security of different websites. As long as VPN is concerned, it is a private network system which allow its users to share data across the networks.

    Wireless networking:

    The candidate is eligible for exam 98-366 if he/she understands wireless networking, their standards and features. Radio waves frequencies are involved in maintain wireless networks among different networks and systems. He/she should be able to overcome the difficulties of interference, multipath fading, shared resource problems etc. wireless networking is a very important field for applicants as it has vast uses in businesses and for home usage. 

    Network hardware:

    Switches, routers and media types are three major branches on which the applicant should have strong command in order to get satisfactory results in exam 98–366. This includes different cable categories, fibre optics and power of wireless cables. Understanding of dynamic routing, static routing and default routing is very important because it makes files and connection sharing very convenient. 

    Protocols and Services:

    Applicant should be expert in sub netting, IP configuration, subnet mask, Gateway, ports and packets. Understanding name resolutions skill is also obligatory for this exam. Understand the OSI model and different known ports to attempt the paper fully. Remote access and dynamic host configuration tools are also included in protocols and services. 

    Computer hardware and Servers:

    Computer hardware comprises of many components and refers to the physical parts of a system. The candidate should be capable of understand all the messages of server. A server is able to receive or deliver messages to the user over a network connection. It provide services to the same network as well as across different networks. 

    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    Important Tips to Pass Exam 98-349

    The course material of Windows Operating System Fundamentals (98-349) don’t only inform you about the key points, but also improve your skills regarding Information Technology. Exam 98-349 certification has countless and valuable benefits for the IT people who want to secure their position in a well reputed company and get success. If you are planning to attempt the exam 98-349, then you must consult some important points with an expert. Some of the important tips to pass exam 98-349 are given below: images

    Organize yourself 
                                   You have to be serious to pass the exam 98-349. For this, you have to keep on studying on a daily basis so that you can understand all the systems, files and operations. If you keep on delaying the study process, you will definitely suffer in the exam.

    Create Notes
                        After every lecture, don’t forget to create some notes focusing on the important points of the lecture. It is the best way to keep records of the lectures. Don’t think that it is a childish behavior. No one is there who can understand the things in one conversation. You have to keep on repeating the things for complete consideration.

    Consult previously discussed plans
                                                             Search for the previous exam 98-349, in order to get information about the things that are discussed in the exams previously. This won’t give you overall exam questions, but you will be able to know about the exam pattern. In addition to this, you will also get some practice questions to solve.

    Focus on daily activities
                                           It is a fact that the examiners of the Windows Operating System Fundamentals focus on the daily life activities to relate them to the course material. This is the way by which they tried to ask different questions to check the candidate’s knowledge.

    Share your knowledge with friends
                                                               Sharing your knowledge with the friends and other classmates are very important. By this way, you will learn the new things that you don’t know. Sometimes, you think that you know everything about the subject, but there are always some minor points that skips from your mind while preparing for the exam. So don’t forget to discuss the key points with your friends.

    Consultation from recommended course material
                                                                                       In order to pass exam 98-349, you should not only consult from one book. Yes, you should consult the recommended book or the course material, but you should not be confined to that. You must search for some other books with the same subject and try to study those.This is another way to increase your student experience and get the Windows Operating System Fundamentals Certification success.

    All these tips are beneficial to pass exam 98-349, no matter you are a beginner or an expert IT person.

    Course Material included in Exam 98-349

    The code 98-349 stands for the “Windows Operating System Fundamentals”. The course covers the important points that are required by an IT person to attain a good job in any Information Technology sector. In the Exam 98-349, real life questions related to the subject course are asked of the candidate to check his level of information and understanding for the course. The main purpose of the course is to create some valuable skills in the candidates to achieve long term goals. Following are some of the important topics that are included in the exam 98-349.
    • Candidate must have full information about the configuration of the operating system. It also includes the control panel settings, desktop options and ad-hoc management assistant and all important things about Operating System.
    • Install and update the systems of any company. For this purpose, you must have full information about the types of installing the systems and the ways or paths to update all those systems in time.
    • The ways to install and manage the applications used within those installed systems. The candidate must have information about the graphical user interface and clean the system as soon as the malicious software attacks the system.
    • The candidate must have information about the files, databases, libraries, encryption and operations within the applications. All these things are the main points and facts about the windows operating system.
    • The information and know-how about the system devices is also very important. If you don’t understand a device, how can you operate, install and manage different things within those devices.
    • Last but not the least, the maintenance of the devices, files and systems is also very          important that is always required by the company or any virtual client for which you are working.
    As the name of the course (Windows Operating System Fundamentals) shows, the subject certification will provide all the basic information about the Operating System. You can only cover or pass the exam 98-349, if you have full information about the above discussed subject. All the course material is interrelated so you can’t even think of missing some points or units from the course material. Getting this certification will increase your chances to secure a good level job and earn valuable money.

     In order to prepare for exam 98-349 generally, you should prepare yourself about different scenarios. The examiner usually provides scenarios to the candidates and ask different questions about that particular scenario. It is the candidate’s responsibility to find out the exact answer and reply to the question. Most of the questions included in the exam are scenario based. So, keep your preparation accordingly and follow all the instructions and rules while attempting the examination.

    Friday, September 11, 2015

    Top 10 Highly Paying Certifications and Responsibilities of Certified

    1) (CRISC)Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control 
    CRISC is the one and only certification that ready it’s certified for face the new task and challenges of IT industry. This certification especially for risk management handling and information system control.

    2) (CISM)Certified Information Security Manager 
    CISM for security system management security of any business necessary for grow up this business. This certification is awarded by (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) ISACA.

    3) (CISSP) Certified Information Systems Security Professional 
    CISSP is worldwide registered certification in the field of information technology security. CISSP certified person is responsible for maintain and managing security in the information technology process.

    4) (PMP®) Project Management Professional 
    PMP is internationally recognized certification offered by (PMI) Project Management Institute. Project Management Professional certified have responsibilities to manage the work and take right decision on about work on exact time.

    5) (CISA) Certified Information Systems Auditor 
    CISA is globally recognized for audit, control and security of information system. This course have high visibility in the Information Technology industry for IT audit and, IT risk management on global level.

    6) Certified Scrum Master
    Scrum Master is the person who manage the 8 to 10 person team, arrange daily meeting with all team members. Certified Scrum Master Work responsible for the whole team and work. Scrum Master ask 3 question on daily basis.
    ·        About Work Done
    ·        Faced Issue In Last Work
    ·        Next Planning about work

    7) (CCDA) Cisco Certified Design Associate
    CCDA is offered by Cisco for gain the deep knowledge of network design. CCDA certified person responsible for designing IP address, apply methodology of networking designing and arrange the structure of network.

    8) (CCP-V) Citrix Certified Professional - Virtualization
    Citrix is American multinational software company that provide the services of desktop virtualization. Citrix certified person responsible for desktop architecture, comports and communication. Manage application in desktop environment.

    9) (CCNP) Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching
    CCNP certification offer by cisco for network engineer. CCNP certified is responsible for implementation of IPv6 based solution and IPV4 based redistribution solution.

    10) Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate
    Juniper Network is California America based that manufacture and market the networking products, like router, switches and network management products. Juniper certified responsible for networking fundamentals, Junos os fundamentals, and user interface option.

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    While is it Important to be a Certified MCSA 2012 Engineer While you are Working

    Microsoft platform are wildly used in the world and it is commonly find many jobs requiring some level of certifications. This new MCSA 2012 credential, meanwhile, is aimed at helping organizations meet specific staffing needs. The certification is designed to demonstrate expertise within job roles, such as server administrator or desktop support technician, thereby better enabling hiring managers to spot qualified, well-targeted candidates. By holding this industry recognized certification people will give my the respect of being knowledgeable in my field of work by having certification, I prove to myself, my customers, and my employers that I am prepared to do the work and are committed to being educated in my chosen profession. Certification serve as recognized proof of competence and achievement, improve my job opportunities, and create a higher level of customer confidence. Therefore it is very valuable for me to have this certification to proof I am a professional engineer who can commit.

    Also, be a new certified MCSA engineer means I can keep these new-generation certifications relevant, Microsoft is expiring new credentials when mainstream support for the corresponding technology platforms is retired. Those changes, combined with the introduction of classroom and lab training requirements for new higher-level certifications, are helping put the shine back on IT certifications.
    Furthermore, A slew of new products are sure to gain momentum in new year. Microsoft's 2012-branded server products lead the charge of new technologies that will gain market share throughout the year.

    As organizations begin replacing older or failed equipment with these new products, and as myriad other factors require that the new platforms be deployed, these organization will seek qualified IT technicians, managers, and consultants to plan, deploy, and administer the upgrades. If I can demonstrate my skills and expertise with these platforms, I'll be better positioned to provide those services. By becoming certified on new technologies that gain traction, I'll not only strengthen my resume, but I'll also position yourself well by aligning your expertise with these new products.

    The most important is I could help organization to minimize the down time. Because IT certification programs are one method of ensuring that staff members have the training and instruction required to fulfill specific responsibilities. Employees who are better trained and educated, as the result of certification efforts will be less likely to commit errors that lead to failure. And when outages do occur, the corresponding education and training will prove helpful in speeding recovery.

    Sunday, August 23, 2015

    Benefits of MCSA in a System Administration Job

    So you’re looking for a career in system administration but don’t know where to start? Have little to no experience or just looking to further your knowledge?

    Well, there are many courses which can take you there but few offer a wide range of skills and knowledge. The MCSA certificate, which stands for Microsoft Certified Server Associate, offers extensive information on how to create and manage a server. It is user friendly, and for individuals of any level. Whether you have no experience, little or extensive knowledge, MCSA offers you skills and information to become a competent system administrator. Also, by being MCSA certified, you are opening a door to further your career in specialist roles.

    Getting certified by Microsoft means you show a level of competence and expertise. Microsoft is highly regarded as a world leader in the IT industry and many employers recognize and value the MCSA certificate.


    What does this mean in terms of finding a job? Employers and companies look to find candidates suitable for the position advertised. Experience is highly regarded in the IT industry, but what if you have no experience at all? Well then that’s when a certification comes into play. Being certified, means you have studied and shown competence, have the skillset for that particular job. Employers will look at candidates with certifications rather than candidates with no certification, so your chances of getting an interview increases. More interviews means more chances of landing a job.

    Having a certificate can also boost your confidence. You show you have a firm understanding of a topic and have the required skills to perform well in your job. Confidence in a workplace can boost your morale and also can benefit employers. Employees with confidence and higher morale will contribute more productively in a work environment.

    MCSA certificates can help you advance your career. Say there was a server problem and employees cannot do their work. With the knowledge of Microsoft servers, you can troubleshoot and recommend a fix thus showing your employer you are competent.

    Not only does MCSA provide you with skills to troubleshoot a server, but this certificate is an introduction for further specialist roles. Specialist roles require years of experience and the minimum requirement of these roles is the MCSA certificate. Specialist roles have higher pay compared to normal roles.
    MCSA certificates offer a range of benefits not only to the employee but the employer as well. Being certified means you have the skillset to become a successful system administrator. So if you are looking for reasons to start a system administrator role, MCSA has a range of benefits to help you achieve your goal.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

    Cisco Certification Training And Jobs

    Cisco training is becoming most valuable training in the IT field.Cisco training will help you to increase your skills in Cisco technologies.There are various recognized and trusted training provider of Cisco technologies.Cisco training and certification open a new IT networking career oppourtunies.
    The person who get training on Cisco technologies have higher productivity and posses more skills than the person who recieve on-the-job training.
    Levels Of Cisco Certifications:
    There are five main different types of Cisco Certifications:

    Entry Level
    The beginning of entry level Cisco certification start with CCENT Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician and CCT Cisco Certified Technician certifications. Using a CCENT certification, a network professional indicates the skills neccesary for entry - level network operating and other support positions which is the starting point for other many successful careers in networking.Both certifications have skills to diagnose,repair,replace and restore analytical Cisco networks and the customer sites system devices.
    • CCENT
    • CCT 
    • CCT Data Centre
    • CCT Routing&Switching.
    • CCT Telepresence

    Job Roles
    • Entry Level Network Operating Positions
    • Support Positions

    Associate Level
    Cisco Certfied Network Associate (CCNA) certification indicate the persons knowlegde to maintain,secure,deploy and operate a small to medium sized network with Cisco technologies.The Cisco CCNA is neccesary for the below Specialist certifications.
    • CCDA
    • CCNA Cloud
    • CCNA Collaboration
    • CCNA Data Centre
    • CCNA Industrial
    • CCNA Routing and Switching
    • CCNA Security
    • CCNA Service Provider
    • CCNA Video
    • CCNA Voice
    • CCNA Wireless

    Job Roles
    • Network Design Technician
    • Support Technician
    • Networkn Design Engineer

    Professional Level
    Cisco Certified Network Professional(CCNP) is an another advanced level of certification which show more expertise skills for networking.The person needs a CCNA certification to obtain a CCNP certifications. In a combine local and wide area networks with 100 or more than 500 end devices, CCNP recognize knowlegde and skills reqires to install,configure and troubleshoot.
    • CCDA
    • CCNP Cloud
    • CCNP Collaboration
    • CCNP Data Centre
    • CCNP Routing and Switching
    • CCNP Security
    • CCNP Service Provider
    • CCNP Voice
    • CCNP Wireless

    Job Roles
    • Senior Network Design Engineer
    • Senior Analyst
    • Principal System Engineer

    Expert Level
    The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert(CCIE) certification is the most distinguished networking certification in the IT industry.The person with CCIE certification get highest salary in IT.The network engineers holds CCIE certification for their expert network engineering and advanced mastery of Cisco products and solutions.
    • CCDE
    • CCIE COllaboration
    • CCIE Data Centre
    • CCIE Routing & Switching
    • CCIE Security
    • CCIE Wireless
    • CCIE Service Provider

    Job Roles
    • Expert - Level Network Design Engineer
    • Expert - Level Network Lead for IT Infrastructure Team
    • Expert - Level Network Lead for Architecture Team

    Architect Level
    Cisco Certified Architect(CCAr) certification is the highest level of authorization achievable and identify the structural expertise of network designers who can support the complex networks of global organizations and effectively translates business startegies into technical strategies.The certification requires prior to CCAr include a CCDE certification and atleast 10 years of industry experience as well acceptance into the program through an application process.
    • CCAr
    Job Roles
    • Senior Network Infrasture Architect Working with top business and technical Stakholders.
    Specilist Certification
    Cisco provides some Specialist certifications.The Specialist position verifies specific expertise of technical professionals,it include those who have Cisco Career certifications at associate,professional or expert levels.Having these specialist certifications network professionls can increase their core networking knowledge in different technologies for example security and data centre or video.
    • Business Certification
    • Collaboration Certification
    • Data Centre Cretification
    • Internet of Things Certification
    • Network Programmability Certification
    • Security Certification