Monday, November 9, 2015

Installation of Servers

In exam 98-365; you will learn all about the server configuration and the clean installation techniques. If you want to have a good career in the IT world; you need to make sure that you pass the entry level MTA exam of windows OS fundamentals. MTA exam can help you to make sure that you land a good job in the information technology world. The servers are an important part of the networking system and a good technician should have proper knowledge of the servers. Installation of windows server can help you in many ways but you need to install the windows server in the right way for to function properly.

Steps to Ensure Before Installing the Windows:

The system requirement should be kept in mind when installing the new version of windows server 2008. You should see the minimum requirements of the server to see that whether the server will run smoothly on the system or not. If you system configuration matches the minimum requirement; then you should install the server and if it does not match the minimum requirement; then you should plan to upgrade your system. For the Windows server 2008 R2; you should at least have dual core processors and 2 GB of memory. Apart from this; you should at least have 64 GB of free space.

How to Install the Windows Server 2008 R2:

This is the step by step guide on installing the server r2 in the computer. You should know how to correctly install the servers; if you plan to pass the exam 98-365.

1-      Open the DVD drive and insert the Windows Server 2008 R2.
2-      Start the boot service after rebooting the computer
3-      After the installation process start; choose the installation language and press Next
4-      After choosing the installation language; press Install now.
5-      After that you should add the product ID in the next window. If you wish to automatically activate the server; you can also choose the appropriate option and then press next. However; if you do not have the appropriate key; you should leave the blank.
6-      Select the right edition from the menu and click the next button
7-      Read the terms and conditions of the server and select the check box option and then click next
8-      After that you will be given the option of which type of installation you want. Choose the correct option when this appears and then click next
9-      After that the server will automatically reboot and you will be taken to the login screen of the server. You should press ctrl+alt+del to log in. choose the other use options and press enter.
10-   After that you will be given the option of user password.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Checking Performance of Server

We can easily calculate the performance of a system by looking at their specifications and the data stored in the system. Windows 7 is one of the complex systems in the world and it is used in millions of computers all over the world. Due to this; there is a huge demand for their technicians and this is one of the best field in the world. If you are a student and are confused about your future; then you should consider pursuing a certification in the information technology sector. There are many certifications that can help you but you should start with the entry level certification also known as MTA. In MTA you will have to clear many exams and the most important one is MTAwindows server administration fundamentals.

Evaluating the Performance of Windows Server:
Computer is a mixture of different components and all the components have their specific usage. The performance of every component is very important and when the performance of a components reaches its limit; the component is termed as bottleneck. A bottleneck component can cause other bottlenecks in the system. Let’s assume that the memory system of the computer has reached its limit and now it will be termed as bottleneck. You will increase the memory of the computer and it will increase the overall performance of the system. When the RAM of the computer is increased; more data will be added in the computer not now the hard disk will become the bottleneck component. After adding RAM; the overall performance of the system will increase but you will look at the possibility of another bottleneck.

There are many performance problems that cannot be identified easily. For identify the performance of the computer; you need to run the computer normally and after that in the designed specifications. When running in the design specification mode; when the problem occurs you will compare it with the baseline and see the difference in the system. The performance of the system regularly changes and it is recommended that you set the change the baseline of the server accordingly. When the proper baseline is set; you will know when to upgrade or change your server.

Tools to Analyze Performance:
To evaluate the performance of the computer and the server; there are many tools. The information regarding the tools is given below.

Task Manager:
Task manager is the coolest program to check the performance of the system and you can also use this to evaluate the performance of the Windows Server 2009 R2. When you run the performance monitor of the windows server; you will see five tabs.

Applications: this tab will show the status of the running applications and will provide you the data and information of all the programs that have stopped working. With the help of task manager; you can end the program or start a new one.

Processes: Show all the processes
Services: Current services of the computer will be shown in this tab
Performance: the data related to physical memory and CPU use
Networking: The connected devices 

Monday, November 2, 2015

How to use Pinterest for your Business?

What are the best ways by which you can use Pinterest to improve your business performance?

Show the features of the products

It is true that the products or the services you are selling to the people contain too many features. It might be possible that people don’t like your products. So it is important that you should promote the features of your products and all its affiliations.

What should be done to be real?

In order to give a real look and picture to your consumers, you should upload the image of your picture to the pins. If the people like your concept, they will surly like your pictures and pins.

Pin the Pictures for the People Not For You

1.       Try to pin the features of the products
2.       Inspire all the pinners who pin continuously
3.       Try to follow all the pinners that are similar to yours
4.       Try to turn your followers in your real time customer.


Derive interest of people and get customers
If you are an attractive pinner then people will ultimately follow you. With the hard work and showing the features of the product, you can get customers.