Sunday, August 23, 2015

Benefits of MCSA in a System Administration Job

So you’re looking for a career in system administration but don’t know where to start? Have little to no experience or just looking to further your knowledge?

Well, there are many courses which can take you there but few offer a wide range of skills and knowledge. The MCSA certificate, which stands for Microsoft Certified Server Associate, offers extensive information on how to create and manage a server. It is user friendly, and for individuals of any level. Whether you have no experience, little or extensive knowledge, MCSA offers you skills and information to become a competent system administrator. Also, by being MCSA certified, you are opening a door to further your career in specialist roles.

Getting certified by Microsoft means you show a level of competence and expertise. Microsoft is highly regarded as a world leader in the IT industry and many employers recognize and value the MCSA certificate.


What does this mean in terms of finding a job? Employers and companies look to find candidates suitable for the position advertised. Experience is highly regarded in the IT industry, but what if you have no experience at all? Well then that’s when a certification comes into play. Being certified, means you have studied and shown competence, have the skillset for that particular job. Employers will look at candidates with certifications rather than candidates with no certification, so your chances of getting an interview increases. More interviews means more chances of landing a job.

Having a certificate can also boost your confidence. You show you have a firm understanding of a topic and have the required skills to perform well in your job. Confidence in a workplace can boost your morale and also can benefit employers. Employees with confidence and higher morale will contribute more productively in a work environment.

MCSA certificates can help you advance your career. Say there was a server problem and employees cannot do their work. With the knowledge of Microsoft servers, you can troubleshoot and recommend a fix thus showing your employer you are competent.

Not only does MCSA provide you with skills to troubleshoot a server, but this certificate is an introduction for further specialist roles. Specialist roles require years of experience and the minimum requirement of these roles is the MCSA certificate. Specialist roles have higher pay compared to normal roles.
MCSA certificates offer a range of benefits not only to the employee but the employer as well. Being certified means you have the skillset to become a successful system administrator. So if you are looking for reasons to start a system administrator role, MCSA has a range of benefits to help you achieve your goal.

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