Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why I chose Logitrain for ITIL Training

With growing complexity of IT architecture and landscape managing IT systems and process poses a major problem to any organisation. Thus there is a need to have a standard framework for organisation to manage their existing process also be prepared to have a seamless transition to ongoing change.
ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is one the standard practice model that help organisation manage and align their IT process to best in class practice model.
An organisation can adopt standard set for service strategy, transition, operation clubbed with best practice model.

Preparation for any exam is essential for candidate to ensure they understand the basic concepts and structure of the exam. While preparation without expert help can be tricky it also created a nervousness in the mind of aspiring exam seeker. Hence an expert help is definitely suggested to ensure one can clear exam in very first attempt
While multiple organisation across Australia offer online and classroom training for ITIL. One should be looking to join Logitrain. My recommendation is based on below reasoning 
1.       Australia wide presence – Logitrain has centre across Sydney and Melbourne where most of IT companies are located
2.       Expert coaching – the staff has immense industry experience and through professional
3.       Practice exam – emphasis is given to practice test it ensure one is not nervous on final day of exam
4.       Scenario based learning – class room training emphasis on scenario based learning to ensure one can easily align the ITIL practice to the organisational need
5.       Flexibility – classroom training is available over weekdays and weekends to ensure one can study while still in job
6.       Competitive pricing – the pricing structure is very competitive
7.       Understanding of industry needs – the Logitrain team continuously update there curriculum  and classroom teaching techniques to modern practice
8.        Understand Migrant needs well – Staff does understand the needs and difficulty a migrating face in Australia and are very helpful
9.       Infrastructure : there is enough IT asset and practice material for self-study which is provided for the Logitrain faculty
10.   Roadmap – one can discuss their certification roadmap as ITIL has many module starting from beginner/foundation to Practitioner.
Other salient feature of Logitrain
Mission: To help individual enhance their skills and competencies to help them get a suitable job
Goal: Provide quality training with seasoned professional to help one stay ahead of competitions
Experienced Instructors: Faculty staff is professionals with good IT experience. And hold certification in CISCO, Microsoft, Cloud IT service management (ITSM)

Flexible Schedule: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
What is studied in Logitrain for ITIL?
1.       Details of Service strategy that an organisation needs to standardise its IT practice
2.       Service design : Banking industry was taken as reference sector to understand the importance of Service catalogue, system availability management, capacity parameters, Security and partner/supplier management
3.       Service transition : How large organisation transition from its build to run department
4.       Service Operation; How an High Priority incident is managed in Bank where system availability is paramount of its customer
5.       Role of Service desk or Level 1 team , practical issues faced for them and how to handle stress and difficulty situation
6.       How to document a incident or case
7.       How to use various ticketing application used widely for Australian companies
Some of online search on Logitrain gave me below which made my decision more firm:
Candidate 1:  Professional organisation, highly recommended. I did my CISCO certificate and was able to get full support
Candidate 2: Instructor led training was very useful for me to clear my ITIL exam within record time

Google rating of organisation was 4.8 out of 5

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