Thursday, September 17, 2015

Course Material included in Exam 98-349

The code 98-349 stands for the “Windows Operating System Fundamentals”. The course covers the important points that are required by an IT person to attain a good job in any Information Technology sector. In the Exam 98-349, real life questions related to the subject course are asked of the candidate to check his level of information and understanding for the course. The main purpose of the course is to create some valuable skills in the candidates to achieve long term goals. Following are some of the important topics that are included in the exam 98-349.
  • Candidate must have full information about the configuration of the operating system. It also includes the control panel settings, desktop options and ad-hoc management assistant and all important things about Operating System.
  • Install and update the systems of any company. For this purpose, you must have full information about the types of installing the systems and the ways or paths to update all those systems in time.
  • The ways to install and manage the applications used within those installed systems. The candidate must have information about the graphical user interface and clean the system as soon as the malicious software attacks the system.
  • The candidate must have information about the files, databases, libraries, encryption and operations within the applications. All these things are the main points and facts about the windows operating system.
  • The information and know-how about the system devices is also very important. If you don’t understand a device, how can you operate, install and manage different things within those devices.
  • Last but not the least, the maintenance of the devices, files and systems is also very          important that is always required by the company or any virtual client for which you are working.
As the name of the course (Windows Operating System Fundamentals) shows, the subject certification will provide all the basic information about the Operating System. You can only cover or pass the exam 98-349, if you have full information about the above discussed subject. All the course material is interrelated so you can’t even think of missing some points or units from the course material. Getting this certification will increase your chances to secure a good level job and earn valuable money.

 In order to prepare for exam 98-349 generally, you should prepare yourself about different scenarios. The examiner usually provides scenarios to the candidates and ask different questions about that particular scenario. It is the candidate’s responsibility to find out the exact answer and reply to the question. Most of the questions included in the exam are scenario based. So, keep your preparation accordingly and follow all the instructions and rules while attempting the examination.

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