Monday, September 21, 2015

Tips for passing Microsoft technology Associate exam 98 – 364

Microsoft is one of the leading and influential producers of personal computers and software. The company focuses on the implementation of innovative applications in its products. Developers of the company are intended to provide best features to the consumers of Microsoft. Microsoft has the best developers of the world. For this purpose the company also conducts different exams to give people an advantage to take their careers from zero to its peak. Exam 98 – 364 is all about database administration fundamentals. In this artefact student will be given some course outline and tips for the preparation of Microsoft technology association exam. Microsoft certificates increases confidence level of students by increasing their knowledge about database systems.

These exams are known for being difficult but if the user wish to take a chance there are some suggestions to pass them and score more than average. An applicant is advised to follow these guidelines for the purpose of preparation:

Explore internet for valuable source of information of exam 98 – 364. There are 122 questions which covers following points with the weightage of questions:
  1. Understanding fundamental database conceptions: this section has a total number of 29 questions.
  2. Building database objects: the exam includes 28 questions regarding creation of database. It contains basic infrastructure of database.
  3. Operating and manipulating data: this segment covers the maximum part of the paper. Questions concerning working and handling of database systems are asked from students. The applicant should have strong grip on operations of database systems.
  4. Understanding data storage: 21 questions relevant to the storage system of database systems are present in exam 98 – 364.
  5. Directing a database system: a database administrator should be aware of all the activities running in a database system. The applicant should be expert in putting all information in the right directions to get the required data. 13 questions will be present in this section.
Microsoft helps the students in the preparation of these exams by providing them practice tests which includes questions, solved papers, descriptions and reference resources. Students are advised to go through these sample papers thoroughly and focus on preparation. Class room training and e books are also available for students preparing for this examination.

This certificate authenticates the expertise of a developer in the field of database administration fundamentals. It will allow you to increase your skills and lets you share your knowledge with noble administrators. The main advantage of these certificates is that it connects the student to the skilled and professional IT specialist during their learning stages. Acquire knowledge from consultants, authors of database fundamentals and passionate leaders of database administration fundamentals for the preparation of exam 98 – 364.

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